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GP YellowStone 40MM

GP YellowStone 40MM

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Introducing our exceptional Yellowstone 40 mm Pile Height Artificial Grass, meticulously designed to redefine realism in synthetic turf. Crafted with precision, it boasts non-directional fibers, setting new authenticity standards. The 40 mm pile height mirrors lushness, offering an unparalleled underfoot sensation. Its non- directional fibers eliminate uniformity, allowing each blade to stand independently for astonishing authenticity. With natural growth pattern mimicry, your landscape transforms into a breathtaking oasis, an enchanting blend of realism and sophistication, perfect for discerning individuals seeking beauty and quality. This exceptional product is designed in Belgium, yarns sourced from Germany, and backed by the expertise of Holland, ensuring top-tier quality and authenticity that brings the essence of Europe right to your space.

This amazing grass is non directional, super soft but strong, and therefore extremely realistic. You won’t believe what you see in your garden.


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